The Brief:

The brief for this site was to look visually stunning to get the message across about beauty. The client is in the process of rebranding and opening a private chain of cosmetic clinics as well as selling high end beauty products online.

Our Thoughts:

This website needed beautiful images to bring it to life and really show what could be done. We imagined a site with a crisp, modern design featuring bold splashes of colour and some elegant photography to really bring this website to life.


We understand the importance of mobile usage - some brands that we work with experience nearly 70% of their traffic from mobile devices. When you are looking at this level of volume coming from mobile devices it is surprising how many web developers do not give proper consideration to this massive audience. Losing any of the site’s core priorities was simply not an option. So as you would expect it has also been designed for mobile use.


As well as a beautiful and striking website we wanted this to be a really good resource for people with skin complaints. We considered the end user and what they may want to find. Effectively they would almost want a question and answer site. For example someone with Skin Tags would want to find out more about their condition and then want to find out how it can be treated. This information needed to be easily accessible.

Project Highlights:

This project is currently still in the final stages of production, but so far we have enjoyed this project immensely. The sharp images and information on these pages has really made this site come together in a great way. Also by offering advice on skin conditions the clinics can really give something back, and for people that are worried about skin conditions they can find out all the answers here.

Let's see what we can create together.....

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