The Brief:

Celtic School is a language school based in Cardiff. They already had a website but unfortunately they did not have a way to add any news. In fact, the only way they could make any changes was to email their previous agency and they would make the changes. This was a costly experience as every request no matter how small was charged to their account!

Our Thoughts:

We decided to create a blog /news section for them. Thinking about their clients, they are from all over the world and would be unsure what to expect, so we thought we should build categories into the news section so that they could easily find information. There are several English Language schools within the UK, so we wanted them be able to promote interesting local news about Cardiff from their blog.


They needed to be able to log on and add news and information themselves, so it needed a simple to use backend. The blog design had to be in keeping with their current website to prevent confusion when the user was moving between the blog / news section and the main website. Fresh and friendly design inspired by the local bars and clubs.

Project Highlights:

As a multi-national business we have always had to use translators to help with our foreign projects. This time the need for translation was a learning opportunity for the Celtic School's students! As the blog was intended to communicate with the students, they appreciated being able to help in its creation.

Let's see what we can create together.....

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