The Brief:

Build a visually striking yet usable website that would allow the wedding party to design the perfect suit combination. Groom & Co also needed to be able to host their suit supplier's site so their customers can choose and order their suits online.

Our Thoughts:

Great functionality and a high impact design was at the core of this site, but we also needed to make sure that it was immediately obvious what the brand is selling. All too often we visit websites where you have no idea what the site is about even after spending several minutes on the homepage. As the name could also mean men's barber services we wanted the imagery to show what the brand was about within a second.


We were entrusted with complete creative freedom by this client. As this is a similar market to designer clothing we decided that simplicity in design would have the best effect.


We understand the importance of mobile usage - some brands that we work with experience nearly 70% of their traffic from mobile devices. When you are looking at this level of volume coming from mobile devices it is surprising how many web developers do not give proper consideration to this massive audience. Losing any of the site’s core priorities was simply not an option. So as you would expect it has also been designed for mobile use.


We wanted the site to be clean and simple. After some brainstorming we decided the end user would only be looking for the Prices, the Suit Builder function, Terms and the Contact page. This simplicity allows for easy navigation, and reduces clutter as well as the chances of the end user getting lost on their journey through the site.


Part of the brief was to integrate their supplier's suit builder function into the site. We did not want Groom & Co’s clients leaving the site to find this information!

Project Highlights:

Speed of the project springs to mind. As the client gave us full creative freedom and trusted us to build the best website for them we didn't need to keep going back and forth with designs. We were able to build this website in just a few days! This kept the costs down and allowed the project to go live really quickly. We anticipate this will become a big brand within a few years and will be challenging the big players in the field within no time.

Let's see what we can create together.....

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